1Suara: 9 ways to extend Telkomsel’s activity period, fast and easy

For those of you loyal telkomsel provider users, 9 ways to extend telkomsel activity will be very useful to you. Active period is usually one of the obstacles facing provider card users. Although it sounds trivial, when you miss the deadline, bad effects such as losing your preferred number can occur.


Some people are not familiar with the active period because there is currently Wi-Fi everywhere. Even when your number isn’t active, you can still use social media like WhatsApp to connect. But apparently, the Government has now promoted policies.


If you have forgotten in the past to fill out your balance and the active period of your card is over, just go to the nearest Telkomsel service and ask for your card to be reactivated. This is certainly no longer the case today. So it really needs 9 ways to extend telkomsel activity.


This method helps you monitor whether your active menstrual cycle is over. If it is imminent, preparations must be made to increase credit. Don’t wait until the grace period enters because it can have an impact on not being able to contact colleagues by manual phone.


How to extend the active status of telkomsel card

After knowing the importance of checking the active period and why you need to remember the deadline for your service provider’s activity period, it’s time to review 9 ways to extend Telkomsel’s activity period.


There are 3 groups related to the ways you can do so you can extend your provider’s active period. The first group is by increasing credit. This is the most common way for loyal customers to do this. This method is also the fastest way so it is often used as a major option.


However, it is not uncommon to extend the active period that occurs according to the nominal balance you fill. If the nominal is small, the extension will also be a little. Even some cases do not make your active menstrual cycle successfully extended. If that’s the case, don’t worry because there are still more options.


The next option is that you don’t need to buy credit when you extend the active period. Some users can usually run out of active period although their nominal credit is still much. If this happens to you, all you have to do is follow the method below.


There are 9 ways to extend telkomsel’s activity period , first, please type #999* on your mobile screen. Then click “OK.” The next step is you’ll face many options, then choose option 5 which is “Other Packs.” The third step needs to select option 7 that has “other.”


Next, please specify the number 8 that contains “other services”. Step 6 is that you will face the option again and please call 3, which contains the Active Period Package. Then there will be many package options for extending the active period.


There are three options offered with several conditions. The less the name, the less days extend for the active period. You can then adjust your balance name as you wish today to extend your activity. Then type the number that corresponds to your choice.


After choosing the right package, you must write 1 which means you agree to buy the package. Wait a few moments for a notification to appear that the transaction has been successful. A notification will appear via SMS to inform you that your activity has been extended.


Telkomsel active extension fee

As mentioned in 9 ways to extend telkomsel’s activity period , the costs incurred correspond to the applicable day extension.


Furthermore, for applicable prices and the days when you purchase a package without renewal, the prices offered vary. For an active period of one week (7 days), just spend Rs. 5,000. Moreover, for 30 days, 15,000 Indonesian rupees and for 90 days 30,000 Indonesian rupees


Nominal is actually included at a reasonable or normal price because if you fill in the counter, charge an additional fee of 1000 to 2000 on a single transaction. This applies only if you have a nominal balance in it.


So 9 ways to extend Telkomsel’s activity without increasing credit doesn’t mean you can extend the active period without capital.


How to check telkomsel’s active period

If you are still confused about how to know information about the active period of your Telkomsel provider card, there are several ways to do it. The easiest way is that you just need to download the MyTelkomsel app to the Playstore Store. Once downloaded, sign in with your number.

After successfully signing in, information about the active period will be displayed on the app’s home page. Not only the active period, information about the nominal balance and the type of package you use will also be listed in detail there. Be sure to download myTelkomsel first.


Next is the manual method. Before you know 9 ways to extend the telkomsel activity period , then manually you have to check first.


This method makes it very easy for you without having to download it first. However, if Telkomsel suffers from signal interference, your access request can also be interrupted. So you can’t see the active period of your card until when. It’s good to keep downloading the app.


Benefits if you use Telkomsel

After knowing 9 ways to extend Telkomsel’s  activity period, and how to check the active period of the card, as well as card renewal costs and rates, you need to know the advantages of using telkomsel’s card provider.


Even for some countries, Telkomsel can already register its network there. This will benefit you as someone who likes to travel abroad and not to change cards. Besides being complex, of course you still want to be connected by relatives through the number you use.


Only Tidak, if you are in a remote place, the telkomsel signal is probably successfully recorded there. So some people think that when travelling to a small place, it is necessary to use telkomsel provider only so that they can still be connected to the family they left behind.


Although of course, there is a price there look. Telkomsel is one of the service providers whose prices are included in the expensive group. However, when you look at them from the signals and services provided, it is normal to be so. Making it easier with 9 ways to extend Telkomsel’s activity period is also a form of utilization of its use.

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