Android Fingerprint

Role: Lead Designer

Fingerprint Login and Touch ID have been known to greatly increase login frequency. One of Amex's goals for the year was to have 10M Card Members logging in 10 times per month. Introducing Fingerprint Login felt like a great opportunity to make it easier for Card Members to access their accounts more quickly.  

I started by identifying the various scenarios a Card Member could experience which include:

  1. Setup Success
  2. Setup Fail
  3. Login Success
  4. Login Fail

To ensure I was following design standards for Android, I reviewed Google's Material Design guidelines for how to implement Fingerprint Login. After reviewing the guidelines I mocked up user flows for the scenarios above. 




Post Launch

Android Fingerprint was launched in early December and is projected to increase login frequency by ~23%, totaling roughly 460K logins. 

       *additional work available upon request*



*additional work available upon request*