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Complain pno Hokben Call Center If delivery is late

Hokben provides services if something happens  that you  do  not like,  complain immediately to the  call  center Hokben. This is very clear so that we, Hokben,  can improve the service and reprimand the employees on duty. Because it is  our duty to provide the best service.

This  fast food restaurant with a unique theme has long been established in Indonesia. There are so many food fans of this restaurant. One of the reasons why this Hokben restaurant  is unique is its food menu.   Japanese-style cuisine is  served by this restaurant that  was previously  called Hoka Hoka Bento.

There have been many branches opened by Hokben, for now Hokben includes from Java, Bali, and pioneer on other islands.   So the expansion of the  market outside the two islands is still gradual.   The survival of this restaurant is because it has a taste that matches the language of Indonesians.

In addition, the  call center that Hokben has always tried to provide the best service to its loyal customers.   Whether to receive complaints or other information.   Includes information on booking procedures. So if you are still curious and have questions, just contact CS Hokben.

Complain pno Hokben Call Center if the order is late

Of course, the  task of the call center is to  receive calls from customers spread throughout Indonesia.   Whether they are new customers or loyal customers, the call center manager  will surely always provide the best service to be satisfied.   This is the basic description   of call destinations and  call center tasks.

The call can contain anything, as explained above,  namely complaints, be curious about   promotions to simply want to know the  available  menu.   Call center agents have to be on standby to answer  all kinds of customer questions and  complaints.

Even though it  has been established in Indonesia for a long time and has many loyal customers, it is possible that Hokben made a mistake. Therefore, the important  role  of the call center here.   To bridge the gap between Hokben and the customer if there are later  complaints or suggestions  that will be useful for improvement.

For those of you who have problems or complaints, just complain  to the Hokben call center  so you can follow up later. So that we immediately take further steps to  provide a fix so that the same error does not  occur afterwards.   We  will reprimand if any of our agents make a mistake.

Such as complaints if the delivery agent  is  late in sending to destination.   Maybe if it’s  late in the  minutes, it doesn’t matter to some people, but if that  person  can’t wait because there’s another agenda. It was very upsetting and uncomfortable of course.

Especially if the  early  order  arrived late, when it  will be appreciated,  it turns out that the  order is not suitable, it will be very disturbing.   Immediately  , you will report it to our call center on the email. We are ready to accept and  submit your complaint later and follow up immediately.

Adukan pada Call Center Hokben, Ready 24 hours a day

Our call center agents  will be ready to serve  you for 24 hours. Indeed, some branches owned by Hokben itself have  24-hour opening hours. So if you need help or  just  want to submit a complaint, you can contact our CS.

In order to satisfy loyal customers and provide the best service, as well as make improvements to the service in  case of complaints.   The complaint will later be an evaluation of the performance of  each Hokben employee.   This restaurant, established for more than 30 years, is certainly experienced in treating consumers.

Thus, our call center agents will be equipped with the way to meet the  needs of customers.   In addition to the email  above, you can  also contact  our CS through other platforms.   Like our social  media  pages on Twitter, IG and Facebook.

You can ask or complain at the Hokben call center  there. From  the    opening  hours of  the  hokben branch  you want to visit or your experience enjoying food in  this restaurant offering Japanese-style cuisine.   Usually, from this  social media page, various promotions will be delivered.

The promotion can  certainly be enjoyed with the applicable terms and conditions.   Learn and pay attention to every detail of the promo, if it is not clear, you can ask directly to the  call center.   It is hoped that with  this call center, Hokben will become a restaurant that has great community trust and can be accepted.

Do you have a complaint? Complain  immediately to the  Hokben call center

Of course, we have communicated several times if you have a complaint immediately, just contact our call center. In order to be  immediately used as an evaluation for all parties, and   improvements are made to the service.   Customer satisfaction   is our  priority, in addition to CS  complaints, we also receive reviews from our  restaurants.

It can be said that this review or review is similar to the complaints, but not entirely to the complaint. There could  be  a review of Hokben’s service  satisfaction. Therefore, in addition to being able to be transmitted directly to cs agents, you can also submit reviews on  hokben’s old social   media.

Contacting CS can also be done through the  platform of the official website of this Japanese-themed restaurant  .   By selecting the Contact Us submenu, and fill out the form  accordingly. If you have submitted a notice or  complaint to the Hokben call center,  you can also place an order on the website.

Of course, you must have a previous account or have registered an account. If it’s not easy, just fill out the email and other forms correctly. If so, you can later start ordering the available  food menu  . This is adjusted to the point of sale closest to you and whether it is necessary to reach the final destination of delivery later.

Sekedar Tanya ou Want to Adukan paCall Center Hokben, We Are Ready

If  only you have questions about information such as  delivery, you can contact  the special delivery CS  directly  at the 1500505 number.  When you call the service and ask for the  full  price,  it will be stated in full that it has covered taxes and  shipping costs.

So  you don’t  have  to worry about employees exaggerating shipping costs later, as this  has been arranged in advance.   But if there is something that  is not pleasant when there is a delivery before or after the arrival of the order , you can directly send a fish complaint to  the  call center via  the email is direct.

To get information listed on our page, whether on  social networks or on websites, inquire about   it immediately.  We will be happy to explain this to you so that there are no more  curious   people.   Usually, consumers often  ask  about promotions  and the conditions to be able to get these promotions.

This is to avoid misunderstandings in the interpretation of available promotions. We have  indeed done our best to convey the information clearly, but it  is possible to be less careful to pay attention to  the information that has been clearly stated.  said.

By interacting directly with consumers, it is hoped that hokben call entry  agents  will be able to forward  suggestions or complaints from  consumers for  evaluation documents later on. In order to provide the best service,  customer feedback is  needed  and  complain immediately to the Hokben call center  if there are any complaints.