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Hokben provides services if something does not satisfy you, immediately file a complaint with  the Hokben call centre. This is very clear so that we, Hokben, can improve the service and give a reprimand to the staff on duty. Because it is our duty to provide the best service.

This fast food restaurant has long been established with a unique theme in Indonesia. There are a lot of food lovers from this restaurant. One of the reasons why this Hokben restaurant is unique is its menu. Japanese-style food is provided by this restaurant, formerly hoka Hoka Bento.

There were many branches opened by Hokben, at the moment include Hokben from Java and Bali, and pioneered in other islands.   Therefore, the expansion of the market outside the two islands is  still gradual.

In addition, the call center that Hokben always tries to provide the best service to its loyal customers. Whether it’s to receive complaints or other information. Includes information about booking procedures. So if  you’re  still curious and have questions, just call CS Hokben.

Complaint pNo Hokben call center if request is late

Of course, the call center’s mission is to receive calls from customers scattered throughout Indonesia. Whether it’s new customers or loyal customers, the call center employee will certainly continue to provide the best service to satisfy him. This is the basic description of contact destinations and call center tasks.

The call can contain anything, as described above, i.e. complaints, and curiosity about promotions just to want to know the list available. Call center staff must be on standby to serve all kinds of questions and complaints from customers.

Although it was long established in Indonesia and has many loyal customers, it is possible that Hokben has made a mistake. Therefore, the important role of the call center is here. To link Hokben and the client if there are complaints or suggestions later will be useful for improvement.

For those of you who have problems or complaints, just complain to the Hokben call center so you can follow up later.

Such as complaints if the delivery officer delays sending to the destination. Maybe if it’s minutes late, it doesn’t matter to some people, but if that person can’t wait because there’s another agenda.

Especially if the expected demand has arrived late, when it is enjoyed, it turns out that the request is inappropriate, it will be very annoying. Immediately , you can report it to our call center on email We are willing to accept and submit your complaint  later and follow up immediately.

Call Center Hokben

Our call centre staff will be willing to serve you for a full 24 hours. That’s because some branches owned by Hokben themselves have 24-hour opening hours. So if you need help or just want to file a complaint, you can contact our CS.

In order to satisfy loyal customers and provide the best service, as well as make improvements in service if there are complaints. The complaint will later assess the performance of each Hokben employee. This restaurant, which has been created for more than 30 years, certainly has experience dealing with consumers.

Our call center staff will therefore be equipped with how to meet the needs of customers. In addition tothe email above, you can also contactCS through other platforms.

You can ask or complain at the Hokben call center  there.  From the hokben branch hours you want  to visit to provide a review of your experience  of enjoying food in this restaurant with Japanese-style cuisine.

The promotion can certainly be enjoyed through the terms and conditions that apply. Learn and pay attention to all the details of the promotion, if it is not clear, you can ask directly to the call center. It is hoped that with this call centre, Hokben will become a restaurant with high community confidence and acceptance.

Do you have a complaint? File a complaint at hokben call center immediately

Of course we have been informed several times if you have a complaint immediately just contact our call centre. In order to use them immediately as an assessment of all parties, improvements are made in the service. Customer satisfaction is our priority, as well as CS complaints, we also receive reviews from our restaurants.

It can be said that this review or review is similar to complaints but does not fully complain. There can be a review of their satisfaction with hokben. So, besides being able to pass it directly on to CS officers, you can also offer reviews on old social media at hokben.

CS can also be contacted through the official website platform of this Japanese-themed restaurant. By selecting the sublist contact us, and fill out the form accordingly. If you have filed a review or complaint at the Hokben call center , in addition, you can also apply through the website.

Of course, you must have a previous account or have registered an account. If it’s not easy, just fill in the email and other forms correctly. If so, you can later start ordering the available menu. This is set to the port closest to you and whether you will reach the final destination for delivery later.

hokben call center, we are ready

If you have questions about information such as delivery, you can contact CS directly for delivery at 1500505. When you contact the service and request the total price, you will be fully informed that it has covered taxes and shipping costs.

So you don’t have to worry about employees overcharging costs later, because they’ve been prearranged. But if something is unsatisfactory when there’s delivery either before or after  the  order arrives, you can immediately complainto the call center directly via email.

For information listed on our page, whether social media or websites, ask for it immediately. We’ll be happy to explain this to you so there’s no more curiosity rasa. Consumers are usually often asked about promotions and the conditions needed to be able to get these promotions.

Ha l this to avoid misunderstandingin the interpretation of available promotions.

Through direct interaction with consumers, it is hoped that hokben call entry officials will be able to transfer suggestions or complaints from consumers for evaluation materials later. In order to provide the best service , comments from customers are needed and a complaint is immediately filed with the Hokben call centre if there are complaints.

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