Week 1 Mood: Nervscited

This past week was my first week back in school. It felt like it took me the whole week to get readjusted to going to school and work, but after this long weekend, I should be good to go! 

This semester has been regarded as the most difficult by most of the 2nd year students in my program and so far it’s living up to that. Typically that kind of description scares people but for some reason it makes me soooo excited, well nervscited (nervous + excited), hence the title. I’m nervous and excited about what is to come in the next 14 weeks. I’m so ready to be challenged and I think this semester will do the trick. 

Beyond the rigor I think I’ll experience this semester, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the $1000 project, as I’m sure it will be the source of my nervscitement for the next 3 weeks ( why 3 weeks you ask? Only because I have to make $1000 by February 4th O_O) . As insane as it sounds, I’m so happy the project won’t be looming over my head for 15 weeks, surely that would be worse. Not to mention the fact that a “glass half full” approach is the only way you make it through something as crazy as this. I’m also eager to prove to myself that this can be done, and by me at that. Perfectionism, over thinking, and sure-ness aside, this will get done! 

All that side, since I’m on this crazy deadline I’ve been trying to be even more observant of the things around me, in an effort to come up with a good product. Some ideas I’ve had include (wait, before you read them, let me make it clear that this is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE):

  • #fail: poster dedicated to people who failed and then succeeded
  • Startup Trivia: trivia card game about startups
  • Random Acts of Kindness: whatever I decide to make, backers can’t buy it for themselves, it has to be for someone else
  • Love letters: idk what I had in mind, but I want to send people love letters, brighten their days…maybe this is in tandem with random acts of kindness
  • Women’s empowerment journal: think notebook with quotes from Beyonce, Oprah, Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, Amy Poehler
  • 20somethings journal: I saw this video and wondered what I could do to help 

These are just a few of the ideas I had and I’m determined to pick one asap. Until next week….