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Contact the contact centre to find interesting features to get

Do you want to know what are the interesting characteristics of getting ? Just contact the arrest call centre and you can get information quickly . As in today ‘s modern era  ,  the improvement of technology certainly provides many facilities for most people  .

The development of carts creates a lot of development , especially applications , that provide characteristics that meet the needs of consumers. One of the most needed information services by  consumers  is information. Although this seems to be very low, in fact , service is very important for the existence of an application.

Transport services in Indonesia are a major provider , Greb , and this facility is also available . Not only does it provide facilities , especially for consumers experiencing    service-related problems by the provider , you can contact the Collection Centre to identify the specifications presented   .

 Get to know the gathering company closely

Although ecosounds have been widely heard , there are still few people who know  what  JayRab  is .  To  provide facilities for the community from INWAC   , the company comes with an application that can offer a variety of services at once  .   Effectiveness and effectiveness are the main principles presented to consumers  by  vote  .

The structure of this application  stems easily and practically from the request  for transportation services for  the community .    Using  the cart  media , the company came up with the opinion of an innovator  , whose name was online transport , which was still very rare at the time .     Contact the contact centre if you  are thinking about the specifications presented  !

However ,  over time , not only internet transport specifications , but also other characteristics such as food delivery are offered to loyal consumers .   Some of these best features are  introduced  under different  names such as  GrabTaxi  ,  GrabCar  , GrabBike, GrabExpress and GrabFood.

 Interfering services   for consumers

The  size of the gorb name cannot certainly be separated from the best specifications offered by the company .  Through an  application  that can be easily accessed by carts , the company offers a variety of good services with separate green logos , including  :

  1. collection taxis

If you think it  started as an online motorcycle taxi service ,  of  course you are very  wrong . The company started its  business  by providing  GrabTaxi  services , which  officially began in  2012 with the acquisition of Malaysian consumers called  Mitxi  .   Just contact the arrest call centre if you are  interesting about this feature !

  1. GrabBike

If grub kara  is generally used at the same time from 2 to 4 people , you can  try  other characteristics with  an individual capacity  . Yes  , Rob provides a special service for those of you who want  to go to a designated location quickly without fear of clashes  . You can    Try using two-wheeled car media with service   .

  1. GrabExpress

Regarding Group Express ,  it may be a new development  made by  the company  .    By providing facilities for sending a number of documents or materials , this feature can really  help  anyone who wants to send from one place to a designated location   quickly .   Do you  have trouble writing ?   Just contact the call centre .

  1. GrabFood

As the  name suggests , GrabFood ‘  s service is a highly sold feature offered by the company  .   This service  may be a life-saving feature for anyone who needs food quickly and without any pain  .   Having the best  partner ,  you  can use GrabFood to order food or drink  .

  1. Chatting work

If you   want a different service besides taxi ,  GrabCar ‘s  option can be another alternative  for  you .   With reliable comfort  and  driver-partner   professionalism  , you don’t need to worry about trying this characteristic  .

The  company  also provides non-cash payment mechanisms such as  OVO  cash , which certainly makes it easier for customers  . If you  are thinking about how to use  OVO cash ,  contact the Grab Call Centre  for a detailed explanation  .

Get some supportive characteristics

In addition to  the best  specifications as described above , you can also use support services to increase employment when using the application  .   What are his supporting characteristics ?  Review the full description  below.

  1. My baby

You can easily find  “my favorite” in the upper right corner  on the original   GrabFood page  . These menus  can be easy for customers to easily find their favorite restaurants via app  .  For  more information ,  contact the call  centre  .

  1. promo column

The  option of the promo column  is a new warren published by this online transport company  .   To  access this ,   you can  see first by selecting ” Inbox  ”  menus on the application page .   After that , a  notice will appear immediately that the promo code  may be used .

  1. Increase order

For those of you who  want to order once in a wide range and committee  , ”  more orders can be your best choice  .   With this facility , you no longer need to test yourself using a method of arrangement with unit things  . If you need more information , you can easily contact the  arrest call  centre .

Use of assistance centre  specifications

It  is common to find obstacles  when using  some services .   If   it is  GrabCar , GrabFood , GrabBike or GrabTaxi  , of course some problems are against your will  . So if  you feel  that there is a problem with the service you are using , do not be afraid or alarmed  .   Contact the  Arrest Call Centre to resolve this issue .

A  helped help center  is  an  authority provided by the company to address issues that may arise to the consumer .   To use the help desk , there  are several ways to follow .   So  what steps are there to use  the help  centre  ?  Look at the method  below  .

  1. E-mail authentication


Verifying your          e-mail    is very important to ensure that the report you want to submit to the company is a valid report by the customer . Therefore , all complaints from partners            or consumers need to go to the e-mail verification phase first   .

  1. Upplying the application

In general ,   system problems  with Grb  can be solved  immediately  when  Karunki renews his application  . This may  cause problems because the system has  not   been renewed about the application used . So , to make sure  that these obstacles actually exist , just try to renew the  application through  the playstore  .

  1. Assistance Centre options in APP

Although the company  has provided customer service numbers   , customers can still take advantage of another option , the Aid Centre  .   You can find these menus  in the  app  called  ”  Help Center  ” .

  1. Mem buat Report

The last  step if  you  cannot solve the problems that arise in the system is  to report .   You certainly need to present the report  with literature and literature  .   It  would be good if you  also included evidence of the system image that has problems  .

The use of an online transport  application cannot be separated from obstacles that  can arise  at any time .   It has provided itself with a number of users to contact when they  face problems with the system .    Simply contact  the call  centre  on 021-021 80648777 .

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