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The latest information  about West Java Cpns

Of course,  don’t miss out  on the latest  West Java CPNS  so you can get the latest information. As we know, civil servants are one of the jobs that all people in Indonesia want.

No wonder this job  attracts the attention of everyone  , including the people  of West Java. However, in order to pass the selection, it  is essential that you know the latest information so that you can make careful preparations.

Because the work of civil servants is considered by many people to be a very promising job so the competition to get a place in it is very intense. Because later in your old age, you will get the benefits.

Therefore, it is important to make preparations, including basic information of open structures, so that you know what to do. In this way, it does not waste time, so that it can be used for the preparation of West Java CPNS.

Moreover, the preparations should also be done in advance so that it becomes more favorable. Because then you will compete with thousands of people to fight for just one seat. Hence, don’t waste an opportunity if you want to get the post    .

This is because most people underestimate the selection process, so that they are not correct. The competition is very intense even though hundreds of people have given 1 seat.

 West Java initiated the formation of a regional government.

One of the basic information you need to know  about   the West Java CPNS  is about open structures. This is very important because it will help you to choose which structure is right and the competition is not very intense    .

So it is very important to know the information of this structure so that it can make preparations according to what is chosen. This is because each structure has its own rules regarding the test.

In fact, the arrangement initiated by the regional government will be similar to that formed in the previous year, which gives priority to teachers so that all internal schools are affordable. Apart from teachers, health workers are also needed, which needs a lot of employees as it is currently a pandemic.

In addition, there are also technical personnel who can support the direction of regional development. In fact,  by knowing the different types of structures that have opened at  the West Java CPNS  , it is easy for you to choose,  so that when it opens later, you don’t get confused.

Because  there are so many choices you can make  so it’s not uncommon to create confusion while choosing and even wrong in choosing. So it’s expected that there won’t be anything wrong with choosing.

It is very important to know what the structures and their functions are, so that  you know what to do when registering later so that it is not useless to register. But there are many people who have not yet looked for basic information, so they are likely to choose the wrong structure because they get confused at the time of registration.

 Documents required at the time of registration

In West Java CPNS, of course, you need supporting documents, this information is no less important because it helps  you  to compile the documents as quickly as possible and make the registration process easier  .

In fact, the registration process between structures is actually the same, with some organizations asking for supporting documents to select good quality human resources.   The documents you need while registering later are a photo pass with a red background, an ID card and all the photos are also required when you have an account registration card.

Subsequently, applicants will also need a photocopy of their KTP and KK, and a diploma and transcript related to final education will also be required. In fact, each composition also has requirements related to the minimum limit of education.

Documents at the West Java CPNS  also include a cover letter, which is addressed by the agency of your choice, in fact, some agencies also ask for supporting documents, such as certificates or proof that you have done well in school.  Of course, this document is a support so that you can find out how much you are eligible   for.

So it would be great to offer it but it is not mandatory. However, there are also mandatory documents, so you should read them carefully so as not to make a mistake in providing them.

Because the completeness of this document is very important because it has a big impact on whether it passes in the first stage or not. This is because so far there are many prospective applicants who have made mistakes at the time of registration.

 Preparation should be done before applying.

 We know that the West Java CPNS  has a very high level of competition so we need to prepare carefully to avoid losing. In fact, this careful preparation should be done in advance so that it is more suitable on the test day.

There are a lot of preparations that you have to do where it is mandatory to know whether you want to be an employee or not. One of the preparations to be made is that with regard to administrative purposes,  there is no  need to  prepare as thoroughly as possible all the necessary documents.

Because it is very unfortunate if you do not pass in the first stage as the requested documents have not been fulfilled. In addition many documents are required so   you can find information about which documents are required.

In addition, in  the West Java CPNS,     you must study the material that comes out where this study will have a great impact on whether or not the test will pass. The subject to be studied is like history, where there are a lot of questions, especially about the history of Indonesia.

Then don’t forget to understand the 1945 Constitution, which was included in the section of the Nationality Insight Test. However, for the Constitution, you  don’t have to remember it, but understand them because there are so many of them.

In addition, don’t forget to learn math as well  because then  you will face counting questions with different levels. Especially for this math test, many people are afraid because they are too weak in calculating lessons.

Importance of making preparations before applying

To date,  there have been many who underestimated manufacturing before registering for west  Java CPNS.   Of course, it is very important to do this preparation so that it helps you cope with the worst opportunity during the next exam. We know that a lot of people are fighting for a seat of a structure, they will do anything to miss the text.

Therefore, it is important to make preparations so that you can be prepared when faced with this intense competition. However, so far there are many people who feel that the CPNS test is easier to deal with as it is very easy.  You will compete with a lot of players for a seat in the lesson.

So hopefully you will make preparations from small things to big things so that you can answer the questions correctly. Of course, to make this preparation,  it’s best if you do it in advance  without over-studying or speeding up.

By simply reading, the material taught is easily remembered so that you don’t take any wrong steps while answering the same question. Therefore, here’s some of the latest information about CPNs that take place in West Java   .

The competition for a bench in a structure can also be varied, so  you need to check the environment to find out the receipts or t-dock percentage in this CPNS.   Moreover, the West Java CPNS  is one of the structures that most people follow, so  don’t let you lose either.

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