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Call center number Bank Permata when problems arise

Call the bank’s call center phone number if you have any problems or questions. By contacting him, you will definitely get the best solution and answer. The number of customers of jewel banks is also increasing. The increase in such numbers occurs in different areas at fairly high speeds.

Its popularity in Indonesia also continues to rise. In fact, it was the first time the company was founded in 1954. But rapid developments have taken place since 1954. This development followed the acquisition of Bangkok Bank. Since then, there has been a major transformation until it can become the way it is now.

To see the headquarters, you have to come to the capital. This is because the headquarters of this bank are located in the center of Jakarta. There are also many employees in Indonesia because it reaches more than 7,000 people. If you have needs related to the banking sector, call the bank’s call center number permata.

How to contact a call center in case of problems

In case of bank problems, please contact the call center immediately as soon as possible. Contacting the call center yourself can be called very simple. You can contact him at 1500-111. The contact is accessible for 24 hours. In addition, the contact is also open to all classes of society.

In doing so, non-customers can also contact the permata bank’s call center number . If you’re a priority customer, you don’t need to call that number. This is because priority customers have access to priority banking. Instead of contacting him, it would be better to contact 1500-100.

The waiting time when contacted is much faster. This is obviously advantageous considering calling the previous number with a much longer waiting period. In fact, there is also a high-end service called Preffered Banking. This service is specifically intended for premium customers.

The phone number of a call center at the premium gem bank is 1500-110. There was almost no waiting time when he contacted him. This situation is obviously caused by a lower number of premium customers compared to other customers. All of these contacts are special for your household needs. If you’re abroad, the number is different again.

The public located abroad can call +6221-1500-111. Regarding the use of priority services abroad, customers can call +6221-1500-100. Of course, premium needs are also provided. For premium needs themselves, you can do this by calling +6221-1500-110. Make sure you have enough credit when you contact us.

This is because the number cannot be contacted for free. There are fees to be paid when contacting the bank’s call centre telephone number.  For convenience, make sure the credit is not less than 20,000. The figures make it likely that the death of the halfway phone will not happen.

You can also contact us via Twitter.

Don’t miss out on credit. If he dies halfway through, the complaints process must take place from the start. Of course, the need for impulse has become even greater. As a suggestion, you do not need to contact  the permata bank’s call centre if your credit needs are not owned.

One of the easiest ways is to go through Twitter. To get in touch via twitter, log in to your personal Twitter account first. After logging in, search for the official Twitter account of the Jewels Bank in the search bar. His Twitter account is @PermataCare. Don’t make the wrong decision.

His Twitter account has similar features to other official Twitter accounts. If found, there are two ways to contact. First, please contact us by mentioning. Get in touch by mentioning it by posting questions on personal Twitter while mentioning @PermataCare. Of course it’s done in general.

Therefore, applications can be submitted in this way if they are of a general nature. For more personal questions, it is not appropriate to contact us by mentioning. It would be more appropriate if the relationship was had through DM. DM or direct messaging is much more private.

With it, you can send questions of a personal nature. Another alternative to the bank’s call center permata phone number is by email. This option can be chosen by you who are not very active on social media. Contacting by email is much more formal than using Twitter.

The Bank’s e-mail address is located in It’s just that the lack of email communication lies in wait for the email response. This waiting period is due to staff having to carefully read the messages sent and provide the best answers for consumer convenience.

Various situations when you need to contact a call center

There are many situations where you need to contact a call center. The first condition is when the ATM is swallowed or lost. When one of the two occurs, call the phone number of the bank’s call center immediately.  You need to know that the most common occurrence when a person is missing an ATM card is after a withdrawal.

Typically, users forget to take the ATM card after the transaction is complete. There are two options if this situation occurs. The first option is that the card cannot be taken even if it is already out. However, it is also possible that the card has forgotten to be issued and the transaction can still be made.

If this situation arises, it could be that the next person arriving also takes the money so that the balance in your account drops. By quickly contacting the call center, you can perform the closing of the ATM card immediately. This makes the possibility of such bad things possible to avoid. In addition, the existence of a call center can also be used to find branches.

Usually this is necessary if you have just moved to an area and do not know the area very well. By contacting the call center, you can get to know the nearest branch. Of course, the CS knows all the data of permata bank branches throughout Indonesia. In doing so, you will be very much helped.

Don’t forget to contact us if you want to close the banking service. There are a number of reasons why someone wants to block m-banking. However, most people prefer to come to the article when they do. In fact, this process can be done by contacting the call center. This process is simpler and takes less time.

Nor do you make the mistake of not blocking m-banking when it is no longer in use. If you sell a mobile phone and forget that m-banking has not been blocked,  it is possible that the person who got the mobile phone will do things out of desire. This is obviously harmful and tends to cause customers to lose large sums of money.

Its existence is actually to help customers

No need to hesitate when you want to call the bank’s call center number permata. Its existence is really to help customers. A number of information can be obtained when you contact him. This information, such as transaction history, status, latest exchange data. You can also get promotional information.

The Jewel Bank never gets confused when it gives presentations. Promotions prepared for customers are usually in large numbers. It will be very profitable to contact m-banking and familiarise yourself with the promotion. Finally, don’t forget to call if you run into problems with m-banking.

Don’t make mistakes when you feel a problem. Asking an acquaintance is fine. However, in order to obtain valid documentation, it must be appropriate to contact the public body.   It  is very easy to contact the phone number of the bank’s call center permata.

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