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Taking a look at the functions of the West Java BKD and its responsibilities


You are definitely familiar with the word BKD from West Java province  . Especially if you have participated in the recruitment of civil servants in their respective areas. BKD or Regional Personnel Agency is a very important government body with various core functions and functions.

BKD is particularly well known to the public if civil servants are recruited. Because in fact the main job of BKD is to assist the governor or regent in the management of civil servants. Therefore, not only while searching for or recruiting civil servants, but also while regularizing and monitoring government employees.

If you are interested in becoming one of the government employees, you should be aware of BKD and what is in it. In this way, it will be better understood what are the responsibilities of this government agency or institution.

Each city and district will have a BKD office that will handle all administrative matters of government employees in the city. Along with the scope of work, the duties of this one organization are also very broad and have great responsibility. All these duties and responsibilities are provided for in the Act.

There are various sub-sectors within the BKD organisation that will function as per their responsibilities. Whether it’s providing facilities, monitoring, or preparing reports. For more detailed information, here is an explanation of BKD and its main functions and functions.

Learn about the BKD Regional Employee Organization

BKD is a government agency or institution that regulates the implementation and training of duties of civil servants in an area. For example, the West Java BKD will be responsible for managing, regulating, supervising, and providing facilities for civil servants in the West Java region.

The BKD of a district or city will be responsible only for the maintenance of the civil authorities of the concerned city and not for other cities. So his authority is limited only regionally. However, there are  some people  who have national authority, that is, the National Personnel Agency.

The institute will undertake the tasks of imparting tasks or duties, training training, and implementation of service periods as an administrative part of the management of civil servants. When a government servant wants to take care of various files, such as mutations or glass/education updates, he will deal with this institution.

The head of the  West Java Provincial BKD  is directly responsible for acting in accordance with the rules of law for the regional leadership. In order to realize its dream and mission, this government body will compile an annual action programme to improve organizational performance in a better way.

The function of the BKD will be displayed in a work program that is updated every year to create effective and efficient performance. In addition, in BKD, regeneration is carried out in order to be able to generate reliable human resources in the future and to show the best performance.

Learn about the dream and mission of BKD West Java

The main vision is “the attainment of a good and prosperous device”. good in its detail; Quality, responsive, innovative, and creative. From this perspective it is expected to create a professional and reliable organization so that it can help in the performance of regional heads. The extension of the meaning of sight is:

  1. Quality, i.e. quality in working in accordance with the arrangements and expectations of all Indonesians.
  2. accountable, that is, to have a responsible attitude in every activity or work program implemented.
  3. Innovative, i.e., is able to exhibit or introduce new things so that it can increase the efficiency of the work.
  4. Creative, i.e., being able to bring creativity into creating something or enhancing the benefits of something that already exists.
  5. Prosperity, which means a sense of comfort and security for civil servants, both materially, economically and spiritually.

The BKD of West Java Province not only has a vision but also fulfills the mission carried out from time to time. This mission will change along with the requirements of the government and should be fulfilled by every officer within this institution. Here are the missions carried out:

  1. Realizing a modern staffing system in accordance with technological developments.
  2. To help improve the livelihood and well-being of employees based on the performance of each individual’s work.
  3. To improve the professionalism of an employee’s work with guidance and training.

Learn about the duties of West Java BKD

As an institution that is directly responsible for regional leaders, the main task of the BKD is to carry out the management of regional civil officers. Therefore all matters relating to administration of employees should be done in this institution. Other duties and functions of this employee organization are:

  1. To prepare regional regulation plans in the area of regional personnel by paying attention to laws and regulations so as to be able to make regulations in accordance with national standards.
  2. Planning and setting up a regional staff system.
  3. Katan, Carrying out administrative enforcement in the context of dismissal and conversion of civil servants.
  4. Make a draft and decide on technical policies for the development of regional civil servants.
  5. To provide administrative services for the state’s civil equipment, such as appointments, dismissals, transfers, and changes in structural or functional positions made in accordance with the rules in the Employees Act.
  6. To formulate and establish a pension policy of civil equipment of the State in accordance with applicable laws, rules and standard procedures.
  7. Ascertaining the salaries and benefits for the welfare of civil equipment of the state with reference to employee laws and regulations|
  8. To carry out the administration of civil equipment of the state and to manage the regional employee information system.

Based on its functions and duties, the West Java Provincial BKD fully maintains the policies and regulations of all matters relating to civil servants who are located or serve in the West Java region. In addition, it is also responsible for the appointment, promotion and management of employee pensions.

BKD improves the professionalism of the state’s civil equipment

The preparation of work programmes is carefully regulated to help improve the performance of state equipment. The work program is adjusted by what is the work goal of the regional employee organization so that it can help in the achievement of the organization’s dream and mission. In this case it is in line with the rules of the central level legislation.

BKD West Java focuses on improving the professionalism of work to create a reliable and responsible state apparatus.  In this way it can create a reliable device in the future that is capable of carrying out tasks and responsibilities. Some of the work programs performed are as follows:

  1. Implementation of CPNS recruitment. This program is implemented to fill vacancies in positions at least once every year or every 2 years because employees are retiring, dying, or need additional employees.
  2. There is a process of awarding awards in the form of an increase from honorary to CPNS for the best performing honours in lieu of honorary service.
  3. Recruitment of IPDN subjects admissions through tests followed by regional sons and daughters and many other parts of Indonesia.
  4. Administrative services such as creating a civil service card, managing a TASPEN card, or registering dependents for married civil servants.
  5. Conduct and conduct examinations for civil servants who are eligible for promotion.
  6. Conducting training to improve the cost of civil servants|
  7. Implement technical training and guidance for state equipment, either conduct training in the areas or arrange for personnel participating in the training at central BKD.

As an organisation that assists in the performance of regional heads in regulating civil servants, BKD has a huge responsibility. West Java Provincial BKD should also fulfill the dream and mission as a staff body, explaining the main duties not only based on their actions.

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