Merry Tree IxD

Course: Physical Computing

Role: Arduino setup

Merry Tree IxD is a project I made with a classmate in our Physical Computing course. 


Our goal was to change the interaction people have with Christmas trees. Most often, people buy tree lights that are programmed with 1 color and they don’t have much control over how the tree lights, beyond picking the color in the store. We set out to create something that put the control in the users’ hands.


  • Arduino 
  • Processing
  • Arduino Uno
  • Bluetooth Shield
  • Miniature Christmas Tree
  • Neopixel Strip


Originally, we tried using a Wifi Shield coupled with the Twitter API and Temboo, to allow users to tweet our tree and change the color. After much troubleshooting, we realized the Wifi Shield wasn’t the optimal setup for what we were trying to do. If given the opportunity to do it over, we would use the Arduino Yun with the Twitter API and Temboo. At this stage, we went back to the drawing board to determine other ways we could give the user control and quickly realized we didn't necessarily need to use Twitter to accomplish our goal. For this project, we opted to use the Bluetooth Shield and a Color Map in Processing, which arguably, gave more control than Twitter would have. Our final product allows users to change the color of the lights by clicking on a color in an image. 

Final Project