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Role of  West Java Regional Health Office  in Combating Covid-19


In combating the COVID-19 epidemic which has so far not received any wristband, the  West Java Regional Health Office has made various efforts.   For West Java itself is one of the places where the corona virus itself infects a huge amount. Even one week ago, the  number of complainants rose.


Based on the information center and covid information coordination in West Java,  the majority of cases occurred in the Bekasi area.   But even, the highest rate of recovery is also  found in Bekasi. There are still many residents of West Java who are on treatment for COVID-positive cases.    For the good, then shall it be done to him in isolation.


You can do the isolation situation in the hospital or at home. Any cases of this outbreak are said to end if the patient has recovered or even died. Meanwhile, in West Java itself, there are also many cases of people dying from covid-19.


The nature of the covid-19 cases of covid-19 can also change. It depends on how it’s handled. Accordingly, the government and the health office in West Java are also making various efforts to reduce the mortality of covid-19 sufferers. As far as the role of health workers is essential.


 West Java Health Workers  Already Vaccinated


To reduce the number of deaths or being attacked by this covid virus, the government of the appropriate West Java regional health office in the West Java region  also does a lot of things. The new one is also  vaccinations. In fact, in Indonesia, the vaccine has come out, but those who receive it are not yet all.


The first people to receive the vaccine are  the medical staff and partner associated with . In West Java alone, nearly 80% of the health workers themselves have themselves been vaccinated against covid-19 for the sinovac disease vaccine.   The government’s vaccine itself has not yet been able to reach all health workers in western Java.


This is because everyone takes two amounts. As such, despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with it, the West Java government will also try to get it accepted quickly for its benefit. even the west Java regional health office will also vaccinate its people.   Although some factors hinder the  smooth running of the vaccine, they can be overcome  quickly.


For the number of vaccines the residents of West Java need she has to wait a second time. Because the population of this region itself is so much more.   In fact, the number is the largest in Indonesia.   To again carry out a phased vaccine administration.   But whatever  that, they’re all getting the breastmilk vaccine.


In addition, another problem arises in the administration of this vaccine  due to   the  benefit and cost of the injectable strain. Many people have rejected the  vaccine as there is no muI and BPOM marker.    However, the introduction of  legalization between the two  entities ultimately made the  residents of  western Java want the injection to be injected.


Puskesmas plays a role in the fight against Covid-19


Dealing with this corona virus case, the West Java Regional Health Office and  its government have also begun creating a program, which is an integrated clinic that is struggling. At the beginning of the groundbreaking of the program to deal with coronavirus cases itself, the government distributed more medical personnel.


Earlier, the clinic, which was trusted to cure covid-19 cases, was also identified.  But it is now  being updated where  health  workers at clinics have received  treatment  for people  with  COVID-19.   In order to take care of other diseases in the hereafter  . This makes vaccines ineffective   and implemented.


Meanwhile, to deal with the cases themselves of people weakened by corona, it’s actually a relatively simple special issue. So that the former medical staff of the puskesmas could not work well. Hence the latest program was developed as an integrated clinic for the specific management of disease cases.  The program was developed by the West Java government.


The government is hopeful that the new medical staff  admitted to the clinic  can change its performance. The role of the   West  Java Regional Health Office in  this successful program is itself very important.   Meanwhile, the Government of West Java itself needs a new number of large number of health workers to add puskemas.


The approach itself is one of the new taboos implemented by the West Java government  to overcome the spread of the corona virus. And it doesn’t happen the role of puskesmas to handle this.   Hence, there are  emerging  human resources for the successful program to run.


Tayloreeyaan Integrated Puskesmas iyo Champion


When it comes to cross-functional and anti-opposition or ‘puspa’, this is a new approach  from the provincial government and the  Health Office of  the Western Java Region  to combat the covid-19 row-by-year disease. This is done by improving the role of puskesmas itself. Some areas have been implemented in West Java.


Through this Puspa program , the state workswith professionals to participate in different sectors of employment. This is applied to improve the application of search, diagnosis, and treatment. It is not only that but it is used to set the 3 M government.


This has also been strengthened to increase the administration of the corona virus outbreak. The purpose of making this puspa program is for the community to adhere to the  3 M program.  Earlier, health workers who were asked to deal with covid-19 for themselves also worked on other things beyond the virus outbreak.


Meanwhile, the main task of  this health official to deal with covid-19 on its own according to the requirement  of  the West Java regional  health office is specifically to step up from the corona crisis. They are being asked to find out which people are actually susceptible to the virus and who should report and come to the clinic concerned.


This group from Puspa itself is tasked with following the locals they communicate with the people it communicates with. Because in the past, there have been not many successfully successful cases to monitor. So it needs qualifications to increase the program performance already done by the West Java government.   Puspa will be distributed to all districts in West Java.


Mobile Posyandu for Red Zone


During this coronavirus pandemic, the government and  the West Java regional health  office  also continue to attach importance to the health of their people. Of course, you should still implement the protocol established by the state. However, especially in areas in the red zone, this movement of basic health is made.


Health workers along with related parties will set up mobile posyandu to reduce cases of  death due to other factors. This wellness program itself is carried out by medical personnel and related equipment, coming directly to people’s homes. In termsof its own implementation, it will be carried out in accordance with the current protocols that are enforced.


The work technique has been improved, depending on the single need required. Generally, the posyandu itself will be done by collecting in one place. However, once this is overturned, the residents are only at home and will no longer be visited directly by eek medical forces in western Java in java region.  So that the implementation itself is actually consistent with what is needed.


The current COVID-19 pandemic, which is still busy, has left many sites experiencing problems. But now there are protocols that make things less effective. Death casesare also declining, and more and more cases have recovered with the cooperation of the community  complying with government regulations and  the Bureau of Regional Health in Western Java.

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