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Gojek Driver Call Center as Driving Assistance

In fact, the company also provides a gojek driver call center to reassure drivers. Because after all, it is the driver or better known as the online motorbike taxi that drives this company to lead its business. If they do not receive the best service, the way they serve their passengers will also be disrupted.

On the other hand, this can make it easier for passengers to keep track of where the driver is. So if you are curious and stay for a very long time, you can find out the real location of a taxi or motorcycle online. So, for example, if you are close to a motorcycle taxi driver online, immediately run to prepare to pay for him.

The gojek driver’s call center can get the motorized taxi driver online to complain about all his complaints. Complaints, which often hinder the online care of motorcycle taxi drivers, tend to be difficult to reach passengers, despite the fact that they have activated the application. In fact, this is not only the fault of the application, but also due to the driver’s own factors.

It is the fault of the driver who does not want to execute the incoming order or refuse it. So, indirectly, the system decides not to give them a job or a job. The meal is there for motorized taxi drivers online, if you feel you have a mail order, do it right away and get the passengers out.

This gojek driver’s call center may also be suitable for making reprimands or warnings to motorized taxi drivers online while performing its services for customers and passengers. So that their results and the quality of their performance cannot be applied arbitrarily. According to all schemes and schemes, it should be of a strict nature.

Telephone support types by area

The call centers themselves are of different types, based on different things. In its current form, we will talk about the types of call centers based on the coverage area of their operation. So that they both had their own functions when they received a complaint or marketed the product outside the territory and within the territory itself.

Home call center is a kind of call center, which is based on the first coverage area. Only by name it can be considered that this call center serves only everything related to the home or urban area. So, we can conclude that the gojek driver call center is an example of this type of call center.

Then there is the international call center service, or the so-called larger international call center. This is to serve customers or distribute products from one company to the international area. So that your employees in this position need communication and speaking skills at the international level.

From this explanation, we can conclude that companies need these two types of call centers to serve and provide a wider market share to their customers. The Gojek driver call center  proves a company called gojek to serve its loyal customers in the country or domestic area.

Phone center types by owner

In addition, other types of call centers are based on the form of ownership. So, in the review, this call center is not only in narrow reviews. But in reality, they have their own roles and functions, which are neatly equipped and organized according to the company’s own SOPs.

The first type is based on the owner of the internal call center. In this case, the company has its own call center to contact members in the course of their work. So that this type of company is an internal link and belongs to the company itself. So that the gojek driver’s call center does not  belong to this type.

The second is outsourced call centers. Typically, companies that want to reduce costs when it comes to using their call center prefer this type of call center service. Because they do not need to provide a separate space for their call center employees. This call center work was outsourced to the call center service company.

However, this call center does not include a gojek driver’s call center either.   This outsourced call center is able to reduce costs, because the company pays only for the service. These services are provided by telephone support service providers. So, the company that pays for the service does not need to prepare various things related to the call center and does not need to pay its employees.

Obstacles often expressed by drivers

When using the Gojek application, this does not mean that all problems are found only in customers or passengers. But the operator of the delivery service had various problems than the online motorized taxi driver himself. These problems are complex, but in fact, the company itself can adequately manage and deal with them.

The obstacle that motorcycle taxi drivers usually face online is the nominal deposit placed on their account, which does not come with the amount of the value valid at the time of payment. This can be done because the system may not read the nominal amount well. The name is also a man-made system that at times has to have weaknesses , so that the call centers for drivers are more useful.

The complaint of the second driver was due to a problem that did not specify the amount of nominal payment of customers. Sometimes it also occurs for drivers who do not go with the nominal salary already mentioned when checking the balance. Thus, it is natural for drivers to submit their complaints to the company.

The hurdles that these drivers face in providing their services, rather than providing customers and taxi drivers online, are a reference to Gojek. So that the presence of the gojek driver’s call center  can be a familiar friend to online motorcycle taxi drivers, while managing their careers as frontrunners in the company.

Positive response to the call center

Gojek really considers customer satisfaction to be of the utmost importance in the provision of services. Because of them, he is the king of customers, who  should  be judged for their safety, comfort and trust. Because large companies are not because of their capabilities, but because they are able to win the hearts of their customers to become loyal customers.

Gojek driver’s call center is one of the best services that this company is able to provide to its drivers. Customers are also deeply concerned about their partners in the form of their own online motorcycle taxi drivers. In essence, the key to the success of a company is to win the hearts of its customers.

Customers and drivers responded very well and with positive enthusiasm for the performance of gojek employees to meet all matters related to field restrictions. So that these barriers can be communicated directly to the company’s internal partners and made ambitious for evaluation.

So, with this service, drivers are expected to be more enthusiastic about the delivery of different orders. In addition, this is expected to reduce drivers’ concerns. So if suddenly there is a field problem, then the gojek driver call center  is the solution.

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