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Customers should receive additional information about the Permata call center

The gem call center is definitely very useful when used by customers. When a person has not struggled in the banking world for a long time, confusion will certainly feel from different points of view. It’s not a good decision to think about the confusion yourself.

After all, the confusion of self-reflection does not solve the problem. Even a search on the Internet does not fully respond. In such circumstances, the best possible way to contact the call center. If you contact the call center, you will certainly get a detailed answer.

But now most customers do not know when is the right time to contact the call center. Don’t just contact gem’s call center if you have a problem. SCS has provided many banking services, so you can contact them when you need these services.

Various services available at the call center

The customer complaint service is the first feature of the Permata call. This is the most common type of service instead of calls. Most people even consider this to be the only benefit of PermataTel. The complaints that you can discuss for yourself are different. The first complaint concerns the lack of funds.

If you feel that any funds have gone out of balance, you can contact the Permata call center for additional requirements. You can also contact PermataTel if you have questions about the various services provided by Permata. By questioning the phone, it is possible to reduce the time of arrival at the bank.

You can also contact this call center if you have various problems with the ATM card, such as loss or swallowing. In the event of such a problem, the CS temporarily blocks the ATM card in order to reduce the possibility of irresponsible people using the card.

Permata call centers can also be used if you want general information from the bank. The first searchable piece of information is very much about balance. By answering only a few questions, we will quote your account balance. In addition to the balance, the amount of the last transaction must be specified.

Some information about the product can also be found if you contact it. The gem itself really has a lot of product services. These product services include savings and credit cards. In addition, there are product services that are not very common, such as current accounts, loans, deposits.

If you are in a new city and do not have a great knowledge of the city, you should also contact the permata call center . If you contact him, you can discover the nearest Permata branch, which will make it easier to cause problems. CS will also respond if you ask for the latest currency exchange rate.

The call center also participates in transactions

In addition to providing different information, call centers can accommodate different types of transactions. One of the most common transactions that can be made through PermataTel is transfers. The transfer itself to the first joint banks does not just happen. The transfer can be made to another bank.

In fact , the permata call center  provides a transfer function for a digital wallet such as OVO and DANA. Some invoices and purchases can also be paid through the call center. One of the most common payments through PermataTel is credit card payments. In doing so, it is necessary to prepare two details.

The first data is account details, and the second is credit card details. Account information is used as a payer if credit card details are used as the invoice to be paid. Some details can also be paid through this call center. The details themselves are similar to FIF and ACC.

In reality, other types of financial installments can be paid. But make sure that the finances in Indonesia are official. If it’s not official, it’s not necessarily to provide a direct payout element for your finances. For this type of financing, the SC proposes transactions in the form of regular transfers.

Some bills can actually be paid through PermataLess. The bill itself is quite different from PAM than Telkom. In fact, bills ranging from educational expenses to electricity can be made through the call center. When paying the invoice, make sure that the requested information has been answered correctly. If it’s incorrect, it could even be that the payment is the wrong goal.

This means that the money spent will not even pay the bill. Finally, a call center will help you buy a few things. One of the most likely is the electronic pulse. However, make sure that the number you entered is correct. In addition, Permata Tel also provides assistance with currency purchases.

How to contact a Permata call center

Contacting the call center itself is not a difficult topic. Surely everyone can touch themselves. There are different numbers to contact PermataTel when you are at home and abroad. This is because there are different costs that have to be incurred. If you are abroad, the tariff applied is of an intermediate nature.

When contacting at home, you have three options depending on the type of service. The three options include PermataTel, Priority Banking, and Projected Banking. PermataTel is the most common type because anyone can use it. However, the priority and planned banking are intended for only a few people.

Priority banking services are designed for customers who have met the criteria and fall only into the priority category. As for pre-qualified banking, those who can contact it are only customers with premium services. To contact the Permata Tel Call Center , call 1500-111. For the priority banking themselves, you can contact 1500-100.

For pre-qualified banking services, call 1500-110. The number is definitely different when communicating abroad. But the division remains the same. You will also need to contact abroad to find out if you will use PermataTel, Priority Banking or Pre-Revoked Banking.

For permataTel, the overseas number is +6221-1500-111. For the priority banking itself, the overseas number is +621-1500-100. Finally, the foreign pre-hand bank number is +6221-1500-110. You can call all these numbers cheaply for 24 hours. With this, the problem will also be solved early in the morning.

Dial-up contact isn’t just

The Permata call center can be contacted not only by phone . There is another way to not have an electronic loan in stock. The first possible method is email.

Permata bank has an official email service that sends If you contact him, you will get free answers. However, it is clear that the waiting time for communicating via email is slower than using the phone directly.

If you want it to be simpler, you can also contact him via social media. The official social media of Permata Bank can be found on Twitter with a @PermataCare account. You can contact the account on Twitter by direct message (DM) or by quoting questions from your account.

Do no harm, because you do not use call centers when solving obstacles in the banking world. Obviously, this would be an unpleasant experience, considering that contacting a call center is not a really difficult topic in itself. Therefore, be sure to save  the  contacts of  the gem call center over the phone.

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