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Know the Transition Between Air Asia Call Centers to Resolve Complaints

The Air Asia Call Center  is the key to solving your various problems. Thanks to this call center  you  can get various information and directions about the flight-related items you need and all the problems.  Indeed, sometimes obstacles can arise when you are going to fly.

This call center is basically made to make it easier for customers to report and communicate various things quickly and practically without having to visit the airline office directly.  You can  easily contact AirAsia airlines wherever you are and whenever you want.

Basically, AirAsia itself is a Malaysian type of airline. This airline can already carry passengers on travel routes around the world, such as the Asian continent, Australia and even Europe. The airline’s own offices are spread across several countries, including Indonesia itself.

However, as time passes and the technology becomes much more sophisticated, AirAsia is providing more and more convenience for its customers, including communication and reporting services. Therefore, at the moment AirAsia no longer uses the Air asia call center manually, but it is already more online.

Then, where is the manual call center in routing?

If in the past every customer could contact AirAsia and AirAsia X Flight services from Monday to Sunday, now AirAsia no longer uses manual service for its customers. AirAsia has shifted all kinds of complaints and communications to more sophisticated ones.

Air Asia’s more sophisticated call center service  definitely uses a more automated online system that anyone can access more easily, and it’s even easier to get the desired answer without having to wait long. This service is called AirAsia Live chat or auto chat.

Not only through automated chat, but you can also take advantage of various other social media platforms to be able to communicate with the airline. For example, you can contact the airline directly via message Twitter or Facebook Messenger through AirAsia’s official account. Pretty accessible, of course, right?

Another Air asia call center method  that can be used to communicate with AirAsia  is to chat through the official AirAsia website, traditionally. Of course, although it is not served directly by the officer, the service of communication with the airline is still easily accessible and can still help you.

Learn more about AirAsia AVA Live chat

As explained earlier, one way to get customers to contact the airline is through live chat or live chat via chat medium. AirAsia itself has called the method AirAsia Virtual Allstar, or the easily accessible AVA Live chat.

Live  chat, which replaces  the air asia call center,  is in the form of a virtual assistant equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can simulate live conversations. In use,  you don’t directly interact with a staff member or employee, but you’re handled by an automatically responsive chatbot.

Even if you answer automatically, you don’t have to worry because the answers that will be given   by this live chat will still be of good quality and satisfying as long as the  questions  you ask are  included in popular and general questions. This media also masters about 11 languages, which makes it easier for you.

Even if the airline comes from abroad, you don’t need to be confused to communicate through this environment. Because the language you will use will definitely be understood by the technology used in this Live chat.   You can also feel another advantage, namely unlimited time to communicate with the airline.

While  you still used the Air asia call center manually  in the past, if you can only communicate between 06:00 and 22:00, you have no time limit here. This live chat service is available every day and all the time because it does not hire employees in this department. Easy, right?

How to Access AirAsia AVA Live Chat Practically

Being able to access AVA live chat is very easy. You just need a stable internet connection and a gadget device. After that, you can visit the official website of AirAsia airlines. Go to the support page inside. After logging in, you will find a live chat icon in the lower left corner.

Click on the air asia call center button in the form of live chat and you will be directly connected to the live chat.  If you want to make it easy to access the live chat  , you  can also download the AirAsia service app to your mobile phone. There is also a live chat service here.

Not only through its website, mobile app, Facebook, and Twitter, but recently AirAsia has planned to further expand this chatbot service, which can also be accessed through Whatshapp and WeChat app. Both are very close to the user, so it will definitely be easier to access.

If you have problems  or various other issues, you can choose which platform to choose to contact AirAsia. Although it’s instant and sophisticated,  you can still make manual calls with staff, but this will usually go through a fairly lengthy process.

What are the things that can help via live chat?

It has already been announced, since the staff does not use the latest air asia call center service  , The answers given by this chatbot are generic and depend on frequently asked questions. Therefore, you also need to understand what are the things that can be answered correctly by live chat.

Things you can ask via live chat include booking or changing tickets, buying baggage, information about flight status, information about AirAsia promotional enquiry, and even how to purchase inflight meals.    You can also choose a seat through this live chat.

Thanks to this live chat, you can also apply for a refund when cancelling the flight ticket as a passenger. You can also find the latest information about AirAsia airlines here.  Everything has become very complete and convenient to make it easier for you when using this flight service.

However,  another thing you should pay attention to  is how to ask.   Because you’re not talking to a real person  ,  you  can’t ask very long questions. Usually,   you  only need to enter keywords to get information about what you want to know.

For example, in this case,  if you want to know about  check-in,  you  can type the   check-in keyword into the live chat you use. You   will then get an answer and  only then  you need to follow the process. It’s pretty easy and simple, yes!

If the use of this live chat service still does not provide satisfaction,  you can contact the AirAsia airline’s staff directly, even if it takes a lot of time. Basically,  even if you no longer use a manual Air asia call center,  you’ll be able to communicate with the airline more easily.

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